Covid-19 has helped the whole world wake up to the importance of healthy (aging in place) in families and with access to community bases services and care for seniors. COVID-19 and the disproportionate numbers of deaths among African Americans and long term care facility residents has shined a light on the fact that although many people need extra care as they age - perhaps the traditional care homes away from family and community support should be the last resort and not the first choice of care for our Elders.

Services & Self Care (In-Powerment):  Arubah will teach and affirm the importance of and the therapeutic value of self-care. Special products have been specifically designed that touch the African soul. Arubah will distribute these products to assist Elders in fostering the habit of "self-care"and to help them recognize how self-care contributes to the overall quality of physical, mental and emotional health care.   


Virtual Therapy:   Arubah will reduce social isolation by empowering Elders to connect with others using non-threatening social media. Virtual meetings and other online activities that is designed by Arubah to help African American Elders to connect for emotional support without leaving their homes. Virtual therapy, relevant conversations, planning and looking forward to events will foster good mental/emotional health.  


Healing Circles:   For those Seniors who do not have extensive pre- existing physical health conditions, Arubah will help African American Seniors with emotional well- being through in person community-based healing circle support groups. These groups will be around healthy aging in place topics and any future concerns that are important to explore.


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