Arubah prides itself on having a diverse group of staff with various backgrounds and competencies.  As a team, Arubah provides supportive services in an array of areas. If you are looking for staff at a particular location, or looking for a specific service, please see our locations and services.


Anissa Keyes, MA, LMFT, LICSW, RYT-200, R-HYI


"Love & Restoration"


Anissa is the founder and owner of Arubah.  She came in the field when she was 15 years old with the desire to help.  She ended up spending several years in Social Services but not feeling like her contribution would help the clients sustain over time.  She continued to desire to help guide individuals and families into a space of healing, and specifically wanted to provide support to the people that were least likely to receive the services.  Her passion inevitably became focused on merging her spiritual beliefs, her understanding of the importance of emotional stability, and the connection with physical health and well being.  Her sights were set on facilitating restoration.  Her hope was that people would go beyond natural restoration, and instead be spiritually restored to whom God had created them to be.  


Anissa loves spending time with her four children, is very involved in church activities and enjoys reading.  She really loves to travel and try new things.  She spends a lot of time with close family and friends.  She practices Vinyasa Power Yoga, and is both a Registered Yoga Teacher (200) and a Registered Holy Yoga Instructor.  She enjoys teaching both Holy Yoga and Trauma Sensitive Yoga.  


Anissa has her Bachelor of Science in Law, Criminology and Deviance and her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of Minnesota.  She completed her Master of Arts in Marriage and Family Therapy from Saint Mary's University of Minnesota.  She has been providing Clinical                      Supervision for the past four years and practicing for the past 8 years.  She is approved with                                                                                                                                 Minnesota Licensing Boards to supervise those seeking licensure as an LPC, LPCC, LICSW and                                                                                                                             LMFT.  She has experience in program development, creating and implementing psychotherapy                                                                                                                         group curriculum and is trained in Trauma Focused CBT and EMDR.  She is also a skilled trainer in                                                                                                                     various psychotherapy topics and a strong collaborator with outside providers.


Anissa brings the concepts of Love and Restoration into all of her work, understanding that God                                                                                                                        embodies the perfect definition of Love and He restores.  She embraces the fact that she is simply                                                                                                                    a vessel to assist in facilitating the process of healing.


Jennifer Boyd, BA

Operations Manager/Therapist

''Encouraging & Compassionate"


Jennifer believes that people struggle with discouragement.  She also believes that we have to shift our focus from feeling we are above or below one another to seeing that we are standing next to each other and that each person brings something special to the table. Jennifer has a passion for helping those who are hurting and desires to assist those around her find and utilize their strengths. She maintains the belief that everyone matters and is valuable.  She believes that people are able to make a change when they become aware of the root of their behavior and discover what need is driving the behavior.


Jennifer enjoys spending time with family and friends.  She loves singing, drawing, painting, reading fiction, hand sewing blankets and watching shows such as Dr. Who and Lord of the Rings.  


She has a Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood Education from Wilmington College in Wilmington, Ohio. Jennifer has been working with children for 16 years. She finds children both a wonderful challenge and reward. Jennifer is currently pursuing her Master’s Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy at Adler Graduate School in Richfield Minnesota.  She is also working to become a Registered Play Therapist. 


Sunghee Kim MA, LAMFT


"Walking Together"


Sunghee has a strong desire to help people live life to its full potential. She believes that we all have a purpose in life, along with gifts and abilities to fulfill the purpose. Sunghee’s goal is to assist others achieve this purpose by walking together with them. As a systemic therapist, Sunghee believes that relationship is the key to change. Sunghee sees that healthy relationships with self and others not only empower one to overcome the pain and hardships of life but also promote personal growth. Her role as a therapist is to provide a safe and trusting environment where clients can experience the power of healthy relationships and discover ways to build and maintain them for change and transformation.


In her personal life, Sunghee enjoys spending time with her husband and close friends. She also loves singing and traveling.  


Sunghee received her B.A. in Psychology and M.A. in Educational Psychology from the University of Minnesota. She obtained a Graduate Certificate in Marriage and Family Therapy from the Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota. She is a certified Prepare/Enrich facilitator, certified in Psychological First Aid, and trained in Trauma Systems Therapy. She did various in-home skills/therapy work with children and adults, has been a community mental health educator, and facilitated family enrichment program, Duranno Mother School and Father School.


Driss Moukrim, MA, MFT

Therapist/ARMHS Practitioner

"Empowering & Understanding"


Driss' aim during the therapeutic process is to empower individuals and families to develop healthy ways to enrich their lives and acculturate themselves to their new environment. As a former immigrant from Morocco, he has learned firsthand the tremendous challenge of adapting to the social norms and rules of a new culture, and thus focuses on working with the immigrant population. Driss recognizes many immigrants suffer from ongoing trauma, and will not become healed or self-sufficient without necessary emotional and spiritual support.


Driss understands that, as a Muslim, that the presence of Islamic religion and cultural heritage needs to be embedded in the therapeutic process. This means that therapy starts from a place of respecting and showing interest in working with the client's issues, to heal their wounds, misunderstandings about self, and create a more positive and fulfilling future in their new environment.


Driss received his MA in Marriage and Family Therapy from Adler Graduate School, and previously worked as a supervisory therapist at the Art and Drama Therapy Institute in Washington, D.C.. Prior to this, he was a former teacher of Philosophy in Casa Blanca, Morroco, as well experiences in retail sales, management, and company management. Driss believes his many experiences inform his capability to understand all client's problems.


Allisun Palma-Ruwe, BA


"Peaceful Presence"


Allisun is a student of the world who earned her miles, in large part, due to the Lutheran church. She has compassion for the vulnerable and values the power of healthy relationships. She loves meeting new people and working with them to explore what makes them unique. All people have stories and experiences that influence who they are and how they relate to the world. Life happens and can be cruel, so Allisun intends to walk alongside those who are hurting as they become empowered to create the change necessary to find peace both inwardly and outwardly.


She enjoys reading, journaling, and self-development physically and mentally. Her family lives in Colorado, California, and Arizona, but are always at heart. She was originally born in St Paul, but didn’t live in Minnesota again for 25 years.


Currently, Allisun is pursuing dual Master's degrees in Theology and Marriage and Family Therapy with an undergraduate degree in Psychology and minor in Sociology. Her energy since college has been focused on childcare as a nanny and infant teacher. With that, she is interested in sand tray therapy and various art therapies for children and support for their parents or couples in general.


James Bean, MSW, LICSW


"Challenging & Humbling"


The story of James Bean II.  It all started in the City of Gary, Indiana in 1976. The most profound event was the marriage to his beloved wife Pearline. Later they were blessed to have 5 children, which are now all adults. In the year of 1985 he started his journey in the field of social services. Note, this was not a planned career move it was a matter of employment.


He began working at Gary Mental Health Center, that’s now named Edgewater Mental Health. This population of clients were acutely (SPMI) severe persistent mental Illness with dangerous tendencies.

 In 1987, the family relocated to the state of Minnesota and he began to work for a rule 36 facility named Carlson Drake. James is also an ordained Pastor with a Doctorate in Ministry from Warren Robbins University and in the same year he and his wife started a church in the city of Burnsville named Spirit of Truth Church.  Nine months later he was hire at the Crisis Intervention Center at Hennepin County as a mental health tech.  He went on to gain his college degree from Augsburg (BSW) in social work. As he continued to work for Hennepin County, he then went on to get his Masters of Social Work from the University of Minnesota. In 2016, he retired from Hennepin County after working there nearly 30 years.


                                                                                                               He seems to work well with inner city clients that have experienced trauma be it drug                                                                                                                                             dependence,  violent events or just down and depressed. He is passionate about working with this                                                                                                                   population because due to his own personal experiences he can relate to how its feels to be in                                                                                                                           these situations. James is very much into Behavior Modification and Cognitive behavior therapy                                                                                                                       (CBT).

                                                                                                               He is a lover of outdoors and fishing, fishing and fishing. He also enjoys a good game of chess and                                                                                                                     real live jazz music. He is in the process of getting a dog that will hopefully get him out on walks.

                                                                                                               His highest degree is a MSW masters of social work with a License Independent Clinical Social                                                                                                                             worker (LICSW). Doctorate Degree in Ministry.


Seneca J Krueger, MA, MFT


"Meaning & Movement"


After witnessing how therapy changes the lives and relationships of people around her, Seneca knew that therapy was her calling. Seneca has developed a skill for creating connections with her clients. She believes that each client already has the knowledge and ability to create change and movement in their lives, and that her role is to help develop and navigate those skills. Change also requires work, and Seneca pushes her clients so that they can reach their goals. Since each client is unique, Seneca employs an integrated system of therapy that includes emotion exploration, meaning making, and self-compassion. Seneca treats individuals, families, and specializes in relationship therapy.


Seneca knows the words to every Disney song made before 1999, and spends a great deal of time singing along as loud as she can. Seneca also loves musical theater. Seneca spends her free time volunteering with animal rescues and fostering homeless dogs. A lover of the great outdoors and      the water, Seneca also spends her time swimming in the many Minnesota lakes.


Seneca has her Master’s Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Saint Mary’s University.  She                                                                                                                    has been trained in Gottman Therapy, Emotionally Focused Therapy and Pragmatic-Experiential                                                                                                                      Couples Therapy. Seneca is also certified in Prepare/Enrich assessments, and as a Psychological                                                                                                                      First-Aid responder.


Mara Coyle, MSEd, MA ATR

Art Therapist, Therapist

"Creative Transformation"


After teaching for seventeen years in St. Paul, Mara experienced the transformative power of art. She was amazed at what came out on the page that she initially didn’t have words for. This led her to become an art therapist. She guides people of all artistic abilities. Mara believes the role of a therapist is to encourage people to tap into their own internal healing and wisdom. This happens through creating images and in talk therapy. Mara has skills with both.


Mara takes daily walks with her dog. She has been part of a monthly book club for over twenty years. She enjoys making all kinds of art including painting, mixed media collage and weaving. She is active with her church community.


Mara has experience as an art therapy/talk therapy intern in day and residential mental health treatment programs for adults, adolescents and children. She has worked with those living with depression, anxiety and bi-polar disorder. Mara has worked with older adults with dementia and their caregivers. Mara has a master’s in education, and in Adlerian Psychotherapy with an emphasis in Art Therapy from Adler Graduate School. She is a registered art therapist ATR. Mara trained for two years in spiritual guidance.



Heather Lidholm, MA, LMFT


"Family Centered"


Heather is a licensed Marraige and Family Therapist who believes that families are constantly evolving and always moving. She believes that individuals are unique, bringing their own experiences and perspectives to their socially environment. Her values are respect and communication.  She believes her role in the therapeutic relationship is as a sounding board, a support, and a challenger. Heather believes that all people have had hard experiences and made mistakes, sometimes desiring support in overcoming the effects these life events. Heather works with all ages, with a strong passion for working with children and families. She utilizes art, play, and narrative techniques with individuals and families. Heather identifies as an LGBT+ friendly clinician.
In her personal life, Heather has a loving family and cat. She enjoys exploring nature as a calming space, music, free-writing, and professional development. 
Heather has attained an Associate's of Arts degree in Psychology from Normandale Community College, Bachelor's of Science in Child Development from the University of Minnesota, a Master's of Arts in Marriage in Family Therapy from Argosy University's School of Professional Psychology. She has training in trauma intervention, therapeutic art, and therapeutic play. She belongs to the Association of Marriage and Family Therapy.



Khadijah Ramadan-Jones, BA

Intern, ARMHS Practitioner  

"Organized & Passionate"


Khadijah’s combined experiences, both personally and professionally, have contributed to her decision to pursue a career in counseling. Khadijah attends Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota in Masters of Counseling Psychology with an Addiction Studies program at St. Mary's University and anticipates graduating in 2019. In addition to graduate school, Khadijah is married, has three biological children, and two cats. Khadijah’s core value has been greatly influenced by the teachings of Mahatma Gandhi, who said “be the change that you want to see in the world”, and she ascribes to an existential/multi-cultural philosophy.


Khadijah believes that change is a decision that must come from within and her role, as a therapist, is to assist in supporting the desire to change. In her free time, Khadijah loves to read, sing, dance, and spend time with her family.



Kou Vang, BA

ARMHS Practitioner  

"Caring & Compassionate"


Kou is interested in the mental health field because he thinks that the profession has always been his passion to help and heal people who have been suffering with their pain. Kou is currently attending St. Mary's University in the Masters-of-Arts in Counseling and Psychology program. He believes that the key to make a change is relationship-building. For his hobbies, Kou loves to go out and explore, read, learn about nature, practice martial arts, go watch sporting events, and go out with friends to talk.



LaShawn Gooden, MA


"Authentic & Passionate"


LaShawn believes that all people are capable of being their best and living their best; therefore, she seeks to assist people in being their best self and living their best. Rather than isolating the problem, LaShawn believes it is important to understand people’s whole being, as well as the strengths and protective factors they have in their lives. Stemming from a multicultural orientation, coupled with Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy, she seeks to assist clients in living their best lives by working towards change and growth, as well as supplying them with tools to help them understand how to effectively navigate through their lives. 


LaShawn enjoys all things creative.  She recently began painting and loves it – it may be a new-found passion of hers.  In addition, she enjoys trying new foods, watching movies and taking on new adventures. 


LaShawn received her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of Maryland, College Park.  She obtained her Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology from Towson University and is currently pursuing her Doctor of Psychology at the University of St. Thomas. LaShawn believes that people are the author of their life story and ultimately know what is best for them; thus, she takes an integrative approach with clients, though she has strong foundation in cognitive and multicultural approaches.



Lynda S. Cannova, MSW

 ARMHS Practictioner 

"Positivity & Resiliency"


Lynda has a true passion for improving the lives of people who are afflicted with mental illness. As well as working as an ARMHS worker, she has lived with SPMI within her immediate family for over 20 years. She holds a Masters degree in social work and has been on the front lines with police officers assisting and facilitating crisis intervention and de-escalation training.


Besides coming from an Italian family of great cooks, Lynda has studied food as medicine, and uses her knowledge to guide others to achieve their health goals through lifestyle and behavior education. Lynda loves traveling and recently returned from Colombia where she got to enjoy tango and salsa dancing.


Lynda believes that each person is unique, and honors where their own individual story begins. She enjoys her work with the mentally ill, sharing her insights, giving them  support, confidence,      and hope. 


Hye-Ree Ahn, MA

Therapist, CTSS

"Seeking Harmony"


Hye-Ree (Hey-Rhee) believes a therapeutic change comes from a secure relationship and genuine communication. For her therapeutic work, Hye-Ree utilizes Rational Emotive Behavioral, Developmental and Feminism theories which are focusing on emotional and power struggles in a client’s life. Hye-Ree is passionate about working with individuals who experience traumatic events especially domestic violence or intimate partner violence. Hye-Ree is also interested in meeting individuals who experience behavioral addictions such as excessive gambling or gaming.


Hye-Ree loves practicing yoga and meditation. Hye-Ree also enjoys distance running, drawing with pen and pencil, watching musical movies, playing online strategic games with close friends, and knitting.


Hye-Ree received her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from the University of Minnesota and  received her master’s degree in Clinical Psychology from Argosy University-Twin Cities. She is certified in Trauma Informed Service Delivery. Hye-Ree has years of experience with math and English tutoring for students in middle school, high school and college freshman year. She also led a Korean college student’s association forpromoting mental health in her undergraduate years.



Dion Ware, MA

ARMHS Practitioner

"Caring & Positive" 


Dion is originally from Gary, IN. He later relocated to Minnesota. He is an ordain Pastor in the Church of God in Christ. He has been in ministry for 30 years. He loves encouraging, empowering, and enlightening individuals and groups. Dion believes that there is greatness in everyone. He works with individuals to empower them to tap into the greatness that each of us has inside of us. Dion's philosophy is that we are all made up of three parts: mind, body, and soul. We have to deal with the whole man in order to experience wholeness. In order to reach our full potential in life we have to first believe in God, then believe in yourself, and be willing to take steps to overcome obstacles that have influenced your life. His therapeutic values will be in meditating, music, and reading God’s word. However, he thinks that there could be therapeutic value in what peaks a person’s interest to bring joy.


During his spare time he enjoys spending time with his family. He has been married for almost 9 years. Dion and his wife have 2 wonderful children.  They have a 17 year-old son and a 1 year-old daughter; one preparing for college and one just learning to walk and talk. Dion enjoys doing speaking engagements, singing, drawing, traveling, volunteering, and

ministry work. 


He is passionate about ministry. Dion has a bachelor's degree in Sociology from Indiana

University and a Master’s in Business Administration from St Thomas Univ. He has 20 years

of experience working with individuals who are dealing with crisis from drugs, homelessness,

disabilities, mental illness, domestic violence, and those who are down on their luck. 


Nde Fombe, MA

ARMHS Practitioner

"Compassionate & Diligent"


While a teenager in high school Nde had developed a passion and compassion for caring for the sick and mentally impaired in the community. He joined the Cameroon Red Cross as a volunteer to help the poor and suffering. Nde likes to play Ngemba traditional music with the flute, Samba drum and denge. He has been invited to entertain students in several community colleges and universities in Minnesota. During summer he bikes with friends on the trails in the Twin Cities.


Nde obtained a BA in Psychology/Sociology at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities and an MA in Adlerian Counseling and Psychotherapy in summer 2018 at Adler Graduate School. He has been working in various health facilities in the twin cities and suburbs for about three decades.   

The ability of people to change is embedded in their ingenuity and in order to effect a change one has to motivate and align with compassion, and explain without blame why it is necessary to change. Nde believes that change forms the bulwark of our work as helping professionals and if we want to change others we must be ready to accept change.



Katie Bluhm, B.A.S.

CTSS, Clinical Intern

"Positive & Compassionate"


Katie started out her career working as a Personal Care Assistant in-home with adults & children with intellectual and physical disabilities.
Her unique life experiences have led her to develop a passion to working with individuals who have mental health issues. In her free time, she likes to take her dog for walks or go to yoga classes.
She started her studies at the University of Minnesota Duluth where she received her bachelor of applied science in psychology. She is currently in the Marriage and Family Therapy program at Adler Graduate School. In her future practice, she hopes to help those struggling with change to develop a healthier way of thinking. She believes that changing your thoughts can change your overall perspective. If you can gain control over your thoughts then you have the power to develop a healthy outlook on your life. You may not have control over what happens to you in life, but you have control over how you react and perceive those events.


Amir Trotter, B.S.


"Ethical & Compassionate"


Amir was born and raised in North Minneapolis, MN. Amir grew up in the inner city, among a culturally and linguisticallty diverse population of people. Amir believes that this community has been a crucial part of his success in life. Amir believes that every young person should have an oppotunity to shine, to be him or herself. He believes that given the opportunity, ever child can find their voice. Amir is passionate about theatre and the use of theatre as therapy. He is interested in bringing theatre to the inner city. 
Amir loves theatre, playing board games with family, and electronic games. Amir spends a lot of his time with his brother and nephews and considers himself a role model to them. Amir likes participating in family and community events, writing lyrics and poems, spoken word, and performing original pieces. 
He attended St. Croix Lutheran High School in West St. Paul, MN. Amir graduated from Bethany Lutheran College in Mankato with a degree in Theatre in 2018. While a student at Bethany, Amir performed in numerous plays and other productions. He receieved several local and national awards for his performances. In the summer of 2018 he was invited to participate in the annual MFA Playwrights' Workshop sponsored by the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festical and Stanford University's National Center for New Plays. 


Tiara Stevenson, LAMFT


"Encouraging & Healing"


Tiara believes that each person is an integral and invaluable part of the community. She recognizes that family and societal systems play an important role in who weare, and that on cannot be fully understood in isolation. Her goal as a therapist is to celebrate each person's strenfths, while providing an encouraging safe space. Tiara is passionate about walking alongside others as they create meaning and purpose in their life. She also encourages creative freedom and the use of artistic expression throughout the therapeutic process. 
Tiara enjoys painting, drawing, music, theater, and singing. She finds beauty in diversity and loves traveling and learning about differesnt cultures. She likes volunteering at her church and spending time with family and friends. Tiara is spontaneous and is always down for adventure. 
Tiara holdsa a Bachelor's degree in Community Psychology with an emphasis on African American Studies from St. Cloud State University. She graduated with a Master's degree in Marriage and Family 
Therapy from the University of Wisconsin-Stout in 2014. Tiara has experience as a school-based
therapist. She has facilitated various groups including: eating disorder, interpersonal process, cultural 
identity, self-esteem workshops for young adults and adolescents. 


Rev. Darrell Gillespie




Rev. Darrell Gillespie was an Adjunct Professor at North Central University. Courses taught were: Introduction to Urban Studies, Urban Sociology, and Counseling in the Urban Setting. Darrell has completed to Masters DegreesL Psychological Counseling from St. Mary's University in Minneapolis, MN and Divinity from Luther Seminary from St. Paul, MN. He just began a Doctoral of Ministry program focusing on Black Church Leadership. He is the Founder/Pastor of Proverbs Chrisitan Fellowships, located in North Minneapolis. He currently serves at Hope Academy as he Dean of Students K-5, and the Middle School Bible Teacher. Hope Academy is a Christ-Centered day school serving nearly 300 students in inner city Minneapolis. Darrell's passion in ministry is for the people of God to become the reconciling body to which they have been appointed. His desire is that the church would become agents who would foster understating appreciation of diverse cultural and ethnic groups in the city. 

Monica Turner

Empathetic & Optimistic 



Monica Turner is a Children Treatment Support Services Mental Health Worker. She graduated with a Bachelor's degree from the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities in 2014 majoring in Child Psychology and minoring in Family Social Science. Monica has experience with at-risk homeless adolescents with behavioral and mental health diagnosis, early childhood preschoolers who've experienced trauma and parents. She remains passionate for the continuous intervention growth that's developing for youth so they can reach their fullest potential. "Our children are our future" is a quote that continues to inspire Monica while helping children and families in their journey to resilience.

Monica Turner loves spending time with family. She loves to dance and desires to use that as a more professional experience in the near future as it could relate to therapeutic interventions with considerations for Dance/Movement Therapy in the near future. She has a love for the acoustic guitar and after buying one, she plans to teach herself to provide the tranquility to others that it provides her.

Monica is in the process of obtaining her Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy at Saint Mary’s 

University of Minnesota in hopes to graduate in 2021. She has been trained in Conscious

Discipline and Circle of Security in hope to continue as her lens of intervention for families. 

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