Arubah sees clients across the spectrum and prides itself on its diversity of staff and clientele.  We have also organically grown to meet the needs of the community we serve.  One of significant needs that has arisen is the need for more Faith based support.  We understand that a person’s spirituality is one of their main supports for healing.  We have started a Faith Based Program specifically for the Christian Faith now, but we hope to grow to additional Faiths as well.  
What is Faith Based support?  We use your Faith and the Faith of your provider to be the foundation of the work being done through your healing process.  It will be he premise of the outlooks and lens that’s used by the provider to assist through the therapeutic process.  We will use traditions and practices of the faith throughout session, and the client will be able only explore their personal process through their individual relationship with God.
One on one support available!!
Are you struggling with your faith due to your increase in mental health symptoms?  Join our Thursday Virtual weekly group from 5pm to 6:30pm


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