Therapist-led group therapy is useful both as a supplement and an alternative to individual therapy. It provides real-life feedback and interaction among the clients.

Arubah has offered the following Groups in the past:

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When attempting to transition your lifestyle and begin the process of making yourself "anew," you will encounter challenges of learning new ways to connect, to see yourself and to trust others.  This may prove to be difficult because these changes will effect you and everything around you. Aspects of your life may seem out of place, they may no longer fit the same way. Our "Life Support" therapy group is a safe place to begin your process. It is a way to build trust and learn how to love yourself in a way that allows you to connect with others.



Stabilization is the building block to the creation of a healthy and happy lifestyle.  The group helps participants to gain a variety of coping skills, enhance strengths that have increased your resiliency and address general areas of life that may present concerns.  The structure of the group allows for an experiential relaxation practice, a psycho-educational component that increase awareness and knowledge in a varity of life areas, and a palpable exercise to allow for a complete sensory driven integrative process.  Areas covered include:  Feelings/Emotions, Stress, Affect/Behavior/Cognitions, Trauma & Abuse, Family, Relationships, Addiction & Co-Dependency, Goal setting, Healthy Sexuality and health romantic connections.


The Men's Social Support Group is designed to create a safe space for men who are uncomfotable with or are hesitant in social situations to explore their social selves. The group focuses on creating a supportive environment for participants to learn appropriate social interaction, and how to engage with the world at large. By working in a group of peers with similar struggles, participants can learn and grow by each other's accomplishments and insights.

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