Lynda Cannova, MSW



Specialties: Adults with SPMI, Managing Social and Living Skills


"Compassion and Connection"


Lynda holds a Masters degree in Social Work, She started career on the front lines working with Barbara Foundation; training police officers in crisis intervention and de-escalation training. She has a true passion for improving the lives of people who are afflicted with mental illness. As well as working as an ARMHS worker, she has lived with SPMI within her immediate family for over 20 years. She enjoys her work with the mentally ill, sharing her insights, giving them support, confidence, and hope. Lynda loves traveling and has plans to visit other countries as an exchange student and teacher of language. Lynda also has studied and enjoyed Latin dance, tango, salsa and rueda. She has traveled to Latin countries to connect, eat, enjoy music and dance. She has studied food as medicine, and uses her knowledge to guide others to achieve their health goals through lifestyle and behavior education. Lynda has been blessed with five grandchildren, ages from 5 years to 18 years. She enjoys spending time with her family and watching her grand-kids growing up.




Yaritza Montiel, BA




"Compassionate and Serving"


Yaritza has a passion for providing help and resources to those that are afflicted with mental illness or are going through a difficult stage in life. She believes that everyone deserves to be heard and helped. She has worked with different people with different needs in their life and has gained valuable experience working for an internship called “trauma recovery group project” where she was able to create a safe place for kids that went through tough times and needed a place to destress and express their concerns with no fear of judgement. Yaritza is a very outgoing and playful individual who enjoys the outdoors like playing soccer, volleyball, hiking, and swimming. She also loves to play piano and sing alongside her now fiancé who plays the guitar and sings as well. She desires to provide assistance to any person because she believes everyone is unique in their own special way.




Saido Gure, BA




Specialities: Trauma, Depression, Couples Therapy, Family Systems


"Hope and Balance"


Saido is a master's student at Saint Mary's University. She is getting her master's in Marriage and Family Therapy. Saido earned her bachelor's degree in community pyschology and women's studies from St. Cloud State University. Saido likes working from a system viewpoint. Saide draws from solution-focused, systemic, narrative, and experiential techniques.

Saido's passion is to empower individuals to find their voices. She is interested in working alongside the Black/African-Amercian community. Saido spends her free time playing with her cat, taking walks, reading, and watching Grey's Anatomy.



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