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Ready to intern at Arubah?

Develop a solid foundation of clinical knowledge as you build a fulfilling career in therapy and social work.


Internship Training Program 

(Arubah’s Clinical Development Academy) 

 Components of Internship Program: 

  • Orientation 

  • Supervision of individual therapy sessions either live, via telehealth or recordings 

  • Opportunities for groups 

  • Case consultation  

  • Opportunities to shadow other therapists/supervisors 

  • Ongoing Training for interns at the monthly Clinical Business Meetings, but also in weekly supervision meetings with Internship Coordinator. Topics may include: 

  • How to build rapport 

  • How to assess body language 

  • Use of validation 

  • Structuring a natural DA process 

  • Safety planning 

  • Utility of silence 

  • Topics identified by interns 

Internship Offerings: 

  • Black and brown supportive group supervision 

  • Travel time reimbursement 

  • Stipend paid monthly after first six months 

  • Co-therapy opportunities 

  • Mentorship for first three months of internship 

  • Monthly trainings 

  • Self as therapist reflective supervision 

  • Seeing clients independently (under supervision) 

  • Supervision  

  • Opportunity to facilitate psychotherapy groups 

  • Case consultation 


Mission, Aims and Philosophy of the Arubah Internship Program 

The mission of Arubah is to meet clients where they’re at. The agency provides mental health support in a variety of settings- partnering with community organizations, meeting clients in their homes, seeing people in schools or working with them in office. Arubah provides individual, couples and family therapy.  Arubah also provides onsite support to our partners that may include groups and wrap-around support. Staff have a diverse background and skill set, serving clients from diverse backgrounds as well. 

Arubah’s internship program provides the opportunity for interns to develop competence in the practical application of therapy to diverse clinical populations. Our goal is to develop well trained clinicians who are able to: 1) effectively assess and treat clients with a wide range of mental health conditions and experiences, 2) serve diverse communities with respect, humility and excellence, and 3) work professionally and competently on a multidisciplinary team. The successful intern will achieve the core competencies expected at entry level into the profession.


Arubah’s philosophy begins with the understanding that the mental health needs of clients can be determined by appropriate individualized assessment and on the basis of a positive, supportive clinician-client relationship. Such a method takes into account the full humanity of individuals with their unique identities, culture, and particular life circumstances. It considers the way that racism, systemic inequities and disparities in healthcare impact how people are able to access care, as well as how that care gets experienced. Empirical knowledge and evidence-based practice will also inform the clinician of appropriate approaches to use in developing and implementing a treatment plan for the identified clinical issues. The goal of intervention in all cases is to alleviate mental and emotional suffering or distress, and/or to alter problematic or unhealthy behavioral patterns. 

Arubah values training interns to be relational, adaptable, self-determined, compassionate and growth-minded.  The agency aims to serve the unseen and unheard, providing mental health care to marginalized populations of people who have historically experienced barriers to accessing mental health services. The agency serves clients with a range of mental health diagnoses. Interns work within a muti-disciplinary team and learn to treat a wide range of mental health concerns that may include: homelessness, poverty, anxiety, abuse, racial trauma, neglect, lack of support systems, domestic abuse, developmental or learning disabilities, depression, family conflict, substance abuse, emotional dysregulation, and other issues related to their mental health diagnoses. Clients may be involved with other systems such as child protection or the legal system. 

Arubah uses a variety of evidence-based treatment interventions such as: 1) Clinical assessment using social history, psychosocial diagnoses as well as assessment of suicide risk, vulnerabilities and potential for violence


2) Individual therapy using models/aspects of cognitive behavioral therapy, task-oriented therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, psychodynamic therapy, behavior modification and acceptance based therapy, motivational interviewing, narrative therapy and development of coping skills, emotional resilience and relationship skills,


3) Advocacy on behalf of clients


4) Trauma integration therapy such as Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy, Accelerated Resolution Therapy


5) Play therapy, yoga and massage. Interns will have the opportunity to shadow and learn from clinicians practicing a wide range of treatment modalities and skills. 

Let’s Work Together

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Minneapolis, MN 55430

Tel: 612.284.8115

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