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Making Mental Health Services Accessible to All Since 2012

Welcome to Arubah!


We are honored that you chose to partner with us in your healing journey. When you enlist our services, you can expect to be treated with respect, understanding and compassion. We provide a warm, safe and comfortable setting and work to ally and walk with you on your healing journey.

The next step is to fill out an intake packet online or on paper. These questions help us get the basic information about you and your needs. After that is complete, our intake specialist will help you set up your first appointment with a therapist.


Arubah prides itself on having a diverse group of staff with various backgrounds and competencies. We invite you to take a look at our bios on the website. If someone stands out to you we will try to connect you. Otherwise, our intake specialist will be happy to help you find the right therapist for you. Every therapist at Arubah is culturally competent and will see you for you, the whole you.


At your first session, you can expect to be asked more questions about your background and reasons for seeking therapy. You are also welcome to ask any questions you have for your therapist! We believe relationship is key to healing. The first few sessions will be focused on building trust and understanding between therapist and you. Then, you and your therapist will create a treatment plan together in a collaborative way and decide on next steps going forward.

Therapy sessions typically last about 50 minutes and the frequency of appointments will depend on your specific treatment plan. Regular attendance is strongly recommended for the fastest path to recovery.


Thank you again for partnering with us and we wish you well on your journey to healing!

The Arubah Team

What Clients Say

"Through Arubah, I found a couples therapist for me and my partner. Our therapist has been phenomenal! We can't give her enough praise for the ways she's held space for us, provided great insights into our relational dynamics, and also challenged us to love each other better. Our therapist is also amazing at being aware of different cultural contexts and racial dynamics. I'm just so grateful for Arubah and the quality of therapists that are part of the team."

Our Partnership Locations

The goal of partnerships is to provide mental health services to clients who need the services. The partnership allows non mental health service agencies to provide mental health services to their clients by partnering with Arubah.

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